Flights to Athens in the $400s/$500s roundtrip, or Greek Islands for $40 more!

Solid deal to Athens. 🙂
Plus, you can hop over to the Greek Islands from Athens for as much as a tank of gas (or two).
Some sample fares: roundtrip to Mykonos ($40), Rhodes ($47), Santorini ($46), or Crete ($106).
Two things to keep in mind if you go the island route:
(1) Most of the flights are on budget airlines like Ryanair with lots of add-on fees that are avoidable, but be sure to familiarize yourself with what they are beforehand so you don’t get stuck with paying more than you wanted.
(2) You don’t have to book your flight to Athens and your flight to a Greek Island at the same time. In fact, I would wait until your flight to Athens is ticketed and confirmed to buy your flight to a Greek Island. The price is unlikely to increase for that short flight and you prevent any chance of the Athens flight not being ticketed.
No bag fees, etc. LEARN MORE!


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