Delta Caribbean Award Flash Sale Drops Round Trip Prices to 9,000+ Miles

Fly to the Caribbean from 9,000 Delta SkyMiles
Right now Delta has launched a flash sale where you can fly to the Caribbean and back from about 9,000 Delta SkyMiles. They advertise this as 16,000 miles+ per round trip, but lots of trips are pricing at much less. For example, I saw trips from about 9,000 miles round trip from the NYC area and14,000 miles from cities such as Seattle Los Aneles and Houston, so this sale is really even better than advertised. While Delta infamously has no award chart, the “normal” lowest price for to head from the Lower 48 to the Caribbean is 35,000 miles per round trip. Being able to go somewhere like Turks and Caicos for just 7,000 miles each way (or less) is INSANE and worth jumping on if you can fit it into your schedule. LEARN MORE!


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