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If you are the type of person that wants to Travel Better! And by better, I mean getting more and paying less, much less! Then you’ve come to the right place.

I enjoy spending hours every day surfing the web looking for the very best travel deals. I love the challenge and of course the rewards that come from those efforts. I now want to share the results from my efforts with you.

Why? Prior to 2005, my husband and I both worked, making it easier to save for our vacations. We loved to travel and loved our vacations. In late 2005, I decided to quit my job to raise our two children but I didn’t decide to quit traveling.

While I always knew it was possible to redeem miles/points for flights, it seemed extremely time consuming and very complex; difficult to get one ticket, never mind getting them for a family of four.

I started surfing the web looking for travel deals and found all kinds of extremely valuable information, none more enlightening and valuable than the travel websites I’m going to tell you about.

While conducting my search I remembered that my husband had accumulated some miles when he used to travel for work. I combined those miles with miles the travel sites showed me how to obtain from special credit card bonus offers. Before I knew it the four of us were taking our first family vacation to Cancun, Mexico. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I applied for bonus credit card offerings, ones with big bonuses, 25K, 35K, 50K, and made sure I was able to pay off those balances each month on every credit card. I didn’t want to carry a monthly balance otherwise I could have found myself paying more in finance charges than for the tickets. To ensure I got each bonus, I tracked and logged each card’s spending minimum requirements and allotted timeframes. This task took me no more than a few minutes.

Everything started going on the credit cards, groceries, gas, tolls, utilities, etc. Anything that could be charged!

Another easy way we earned miles was shopping through online portals. Such as American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping portal which has hundreds of stores to choose from. Many other frequent flyer programs such as Mileage Plus have these types of portals as well. Shopping through these portals earned us more miles than if we shopped at the store.

This strategy paid off, since 2005 the four of us have flown round trip to 14 destinations only paying taxes and surcharges.
• Cancun, MX
• Disney World, FL
• Punta Cana
• Universal Studios, FL
• La Romana
• Riviera Maya, MX
• Jamaica
• Liberia, Costa Rica
• San Jose, Costa Rica
• Hawaii
• Saint Martin
• Dubai
• Scotland
• Tokyo

At first my friends and family thought we were nuts! Or maybe we were just lying. I’m sure they were thinking how could a family of 4 fly to so many destinations on miles and points? They probably thought our credit score was bad or we are in credit card debt. Of course they were wrong. In fact our credit ratings scores have gone up, not down. Again, all without carrying any monthly credit card debit.

As for my friends and family members, they started to come around after our trip to Hawaii. I started getting texts and calls asking, “What is the best credit card to sign up for to take me to the Caribbean?” “Can you sit down with me and explain how you book flights with points?” “Should I pay for tuition on a credit card so I can go on a vacation using points?”.

I found myself “Guiding” friends and family members to some of the best travel offerings on the web. This worked for a time being until they started telling me, “I really want to Travel Better! but I don’t have the time to search all these websites”. They told me “Can’t you just build a website with the best daily blogs from the top travel websites for me?”

Well, that’s exactly what I decided to do. TravelPointsGuide.com is a portal to what I think are the best travel blogs of the day. Simply click on one of the summaries listed on TravelPointsGuide.com to read the entire blog post on that travel website.

Now everyone can enjoy what I built for my friends and family. I hope you find it as beneficial in helping you to Travel Better! as my friends and family have found it to be.

Travel Better!
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